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In broadcasting, a bumper video or a commercial bumper is a brief announcement that usually has a duration of two to 15 seconds. With the popularity of various social media platforms, including Youtube, Instagram, WeChat, and etc., bumper video has become a great item to promote your product or services.

With more than 10 years of filming experience, UCWAY Inc. should be the producer of your next bumper video.


5 seconds to 10 seconds of final video
Film at client's location
2 changes to first draft
Final video to be sent to client
Video will be in MOV, MP4, or WMV format
100 Canadian Dollars

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Face Reading Informercial (Russian)

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Bay Street Realty Point Presentation Video

Royal Academic Institute: Seminarios Rostro 1

UCWay Inc. has been producing commercials and infomercials since 2008.

Over the years, we have worked closely with our clients to develop commercials that suits their marketing needs. In fact, some of the infomercials we created have been generating close to 40,000 views annually. Our pool of talents have enabled us to produce videos in English, Chinese, Catalan, Spanish, Russian, and German.

Our workflow:

  1. Understand our client's marketing needs
  2. Create a promotional video idea
  3. Develop a filming plan
  4. Finalize the filming plan and process
  5. Film the commercial or infomercial according to plan
  6. Edit the final video
  7. Review video with client and finalize the end product
  8. Upload or deliver the final product


The price of filming an infomercial or commercial varies greatly and highly depended on what setup and effects are needed. However, a good price reference for such project is $300 CDN per minute of the final video with a minimum charge of 5 minutes.

Basic Package
Up to 5 minutes of final video
Client as the presenter in the video
Film at client's location or in front of green screen
Up to 10 slides or 5 items to be displayed in the video
Final video will be uploaded online
Video will be in MOV, MP4, or WMV format
2,000 Canadian Dollars

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