Bumper Video: Dodge Charger

Bumper Video: Mexico Travel

Bumper Video: Brockville Railway Tunnel

Bumper Video: Bay Street Realty Point - In.De Condos

Bumper Video: Cafe Alice

Bumper Video: Dagu Rice Noodles

Bumper Video: Subway Breakfast

Bumper Video: Ikea - Basement Design

Bumper Video: Ikea - Family Room

Bumper Video: Ikea - Home Design

In broadcasting, a bumper video or a commercial bumper is a brief announcement that usually has a duration of two to 15 seconds. With the popularity of various social media platforms, including Youtube, Instagram, WeChat, and etc., bumper video has become a great item to promote your product or…

Traditional Chinese Architecture and Culture Tour

Canada's Diversity Celebration

Speech: Denzil Minnan-Wong (Toronto City Councillor)

Commercial Building

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Face Reading Informercial (Russian)

Alwoplast: Catamaran Manufacturer

Bay Street Realty Point Presentation Video

Royal Academic Institute: Seminarios Rostro 1

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