Event Videography

We produce videos for corporate events, conferences, presentations & seminars, private functions, as well as performances & concerts.

Understanding Your Needs

We begin our process by understanding your needs. This may include learning about the purpose of creating this content, reviewing your target audiences, and determining our expectation. 


We work closely with our clients to develop commercials that suit their marketing needs. Some infomercials we produced are generating 30,000 views annually.

Turning Ideas Into Reality

We generate creative filming ideas after identifying your major stakeholders and visiting the filming location. Based on our mutual agreement, we will then develop a concrete filming plan and finalize our process.

Bumper Video

We create less than 10 seconds videos to help our clients to further expand their marketing campaign through social media and communication platforms.

Delivering Results

We only deliver the final product to you after you are greatly satisfied with our edited content. From our experience, most of our clients are very pleased with the second edit.


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  • Event Videography
  • 2,000 dollars
    • 1 - 3 hours of shooting
    • 1080p edited video of the event
    • Video will be in MOV, MP4, or WMV format
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  • Commercial
  • 1,500 dollars
    • Up to 5 minutes of final video
    • Final video will be uploaded online
    • Video will be in MOV, MP4, or WMV format
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Past Production

Videos that we created in the past.

3D Animation: Casino

3D Animation: Airplane

Trailer - Barcelona Spain with Compass Chung

We will get a glimpse on what Barcelona is about and where can you visit for fun.

Markham Mayor Celebrating Canada's Diversity

Frank Scarpitti, the Mayor of Markham, is celebrating Canada's Diversity with different cultures in the Plato Theatre. 1.) 上海灘 Shanghai Beach (Original Singer: 葉麗儀) Singer: Frank Scarpitti (Mayor of Markham) Er Hu Player: Holly Cheng 2.) 月亮代表我的心 Moon Represents My Heart (Original Singer: 鄧麗君) Singer: Frank Scarpitti & Holly Cheng Violinist: Tania Cheng

Short Movie: Kraft Dinner

No. We are not selling Kraft Dinner here! Logan and Kate went on a perfect date until they got to a special restaurant. Exactly how special is this to land on "You Can't Make this Up", and is Logan picky or did he dodge a bullet... we will have to find out. Kraft Dinner is a two part series.

Short Movie: The Ripper

After many disappointing relationship, Susan gave up on man. While hanging out with friend, Luke, Susan met the perfect guy that she could dream of - Jack. Can they both be together or will Susan get disappointed again?

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